Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Yellow Creek Grassroots Mountain Bike Race #3

This was gonna be my first mtb race but I DNFed! And Dave on a unicycle, completed the entire twelve bumpy, rock-studded, root-riddled miles. On a unicycle. :o

Dave Krack on his unicycle, towers over me

Still, I had a whale of a time! The organizers - Friends of Yellow Creek State Park - have been putting up these monthly races for several years now and the rides just keep getting better! ( from what Spencer says anyway). For a total noob such as myself, some sections were a lot of fun - gentle little mounds on single track. And I managed to make it up a couple of hills too! But I walked my bike down a few, and I walked over all the narrow bridges. And the baby creeks. And whenever I felt scared (which was a lot hehe). *hangs head in pretend shame*

There was this CRAZY drop into the raging river. I barely made it across alive!

Around halfway through I started getting really really hungry. Those of you who know me know that I eat like every 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately I forgot to pack food this time! So spencer cut our ride short and took us on a nice double track chicken route with lovely views overlooking the Lake.

In total we did 11 miles in 2 hours. I am floating on clouds now. What a wonderful way to spend a saturday morning! And oh yeah, we also squeezed in a short 600-800m swim in the Lake before the bike ride. So it was a good brick workout :D

The fried rice and watermelon that I brought to share, went down well with the hungry mtbikers. Deducting $5 to cover some of my costs, $12 remaining in tips went to YC. :)

See you all again next month!

xo Grace

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  1. Thanks for the post race rice! It was even better than the cherry pie!

    1. Thanks Henry! I love feeding all you good folk for a good cause! This month I might bring a veg egg roll too :)


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